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The Lean Startup in English By Eric ries


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  • Author :     Eric Ries
  • Genre :     Business
  • Pages :    0
  • Edition :    0
  • Seller :    BookAmaze
  • ISBN :    9780670921607
  • Language :    English
  • Binding :    Paperback
  • Class :    Unknown

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The world witnesses a number of people zealously starting their own businesses everyday. Some of them are even backed by the greatest ideas and commendable expertise. But in spite of such enthusiasts putting their sweat and blood into their dream projects, the world also witnesses everyday, a mighty big fraction of such businesses falling apart. What goes wrong in so many cases and what could save such fresh ventures is quite a challenging question. To answer this and to provide a safety net for all those determined to make their own startups work, Eric Ries writes this book, The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses.

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The Lean Startup in English By Eric ries

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