• Chemistry (Class XII) (Part I) 1 Edition  (English, Paperback, NCERT)


Chemistry (Class XII) (Part I) 1 Edition (English, Paperback, NCERT)


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  • Author :     NCERT
  • Genre :     Education
  • Pages :    280
  • Edition :    2007
  • Seller :    BookAmaze
  • ISBN :    9788174506481
  • Language :    English
  • Binding :    Paperback
  • Class :    Class 12

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Chemistry (Class - XII) (Part - I) is designed as per the NCERT syllabus for higher secondary students, following the CBSE pattern of school education.The book is divided into nine chapters that cover topics such as The Solid State (definition, classification, calculations), Solutions (vapour pressure of liquid solutions, types, solubility, colligative properties), Electrochemistry (types of cells, Nernst Equation, batteries and fuel cells), Chemical Kinetics (rate and order of a reaction, factors affecting a reaction, collision theory), Surface Chemistry (adsorption, catalysis, colloids, emulsions), General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements (metallurgy and metallurgical processes), the P-block elements (groups 15-18), D and F-block elements (Transition elements, Lanthanoids and Actinoids), and Coordination Compounds (Werner s theory, important terms, nomenclature, bonding, and stability of coordination compounds). There are questions and answers at the end of each chapter, and a section on important points and terms. The answers to the mathematical problems given in the book have also been included towards the end.

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